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Ethernet (Leased Line)

ethernet-business-broadband-octagon-lozengeWhat is an Ethernet Leased Line?

A Fibre Leased Line, also referred to as Ethernet over Fibre, is a dedicated point to point circuit that uses fibre from your premises to the nearest point that connects to a carriers backhaul network (e.g. within a carrier Point of Presence). Today Ethernet is the most common underlying technology used over which IP services and Data traffic can be run. The bearer is the physical fibre circuit which can support different speeds depending on the bearer type – e.g. 100Mbps or 1Gbps.

With speeds from 10Mbps right up to 2Gbps—our Fibre Leased Line access services are ideal for those organisations that regard their Internet and MPLS VPN connectivity as absolutely mission critical. Ethernet Circuits are ideal for businesses that require guaranteed throughput bandwidth with SLAs that support voice, video and mission critical data applications.

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They are an ideal solution for your business if you:

  • Have several Sites that need connectivity
  • Require guaranteed Internet bandwidth
  • Need to transfer large quantities of data quickly and reliably between sites for data backup and disaster recovery
  • Are running costly older technologies, as Ethernet is scalable and can create cost savings
  • You require service with 24/7 technical support, plus 4 hour onsite engineering response for equipment failures.

Using Ethernet Leased Line circuits for your Internet access provides a dedicated end to end circuit for your sole use: high speed, uncontended, full duplex symmetrical bandwidth solution that has lower overhead, greater throughput and higher reliability than all types of broadband (Fibre Broadband/ADSL/SDSL) services.

Ethernet Leased Lines are simply the best Internet or Point to Point data circuits available – at all speeds & to suit all budgets.

ethernet leased line diagram

cisco logoKey Service Points:
  • Ethernet is a direct connection delivered directly from the network over fibre to the premises.
  • Ethernet service offers a guaranteed speed from 10Mbps to 2Gbps upload & download.
  • Ethernet will be symmetrical and dedicated
  • Ethernet is scalable which allows you to increase your bandwidth as your demand increases.
  • Ethernet has a guaranteed service level of 99.999% and a fix time of 4 hours (On Net)
  • Octagon Communications Ethernet products are monitored every 15 minutes 24, 7,365 ensuring you always have the connection & speeds guaranteed at the point of sale.
  • Business grade Cisco equipment provided as standard.

Quality – Fibre Leased Lines deliver the highest quality performance as there is no copper involved and services are delivered with uncontended bandwidth. Fix times for fibre are also the fastest, with the option for additional resilience using a secondary back-up service based on any access technology Octagon offers.

Cost Effective – Simple, cost effective bandwidth scaling by putting in a high speed 10Mbps or 1Gbps bearer you can increase the committed data rate as the needs of your business grow without the need for new network infrastructure to be installed. For example start with 10Mbps over a 100Mbps fibre bearer, increasing to 20Mbps in a few months’ time quickly and without major additional cost.

Reliability – Our Leased Lines will keep your business on line. We offer a market-leading 99.999 service availability that helps you ensure your connection will never be disrupted. This is vital for businesses running critical applications online. By eliminating down time, your business remains productive. Our Ethernet service is our most cost effective Leased Line option for providing symmetrical bandwidth with a 99.999% SLA and 24/7 support, and as with all our Leased Line products a managed router with 4 hour onsite response and backup are provided as standard.

Efficiency – Employees can become frustrated by slow functioning systems, applications or web pages and this in turn might impact negatively on customer service. Our Ethernet Leased lines provide uncontended symmetrical bandwidth at a guaranteed speed that never drops – even at busy times. Meaning your business always performs at its peak.

Scalability & Future proof – You may scale bandwidth as required without the need for the installation of new bearers. Our Leased Line products are inherently scalable and utilise the latest connectivity technologies, they are suitable for providing access to Internet based business applications or converged Voice, Data or Video solutions on a Private Line. Adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading bandwidth at short notice, you can increase capacity as your business grows, only paying for the bandwidth you require

Enhanced Communication – As leased lines are private and dedicated exclusively to your business, this guarantees a high level of service; smooth lines with no interruptions and vastly reduced latency and jitter. Furthermore, your internet will not slow down during busy periods as there is no other traffic travelling through your connection.

Reassurance & availability – Octagon Communications Ethernet products are monitored every 15 minutes 24/ 7/365 ensuring you always have the connection & speeds guaranteed at the point of sale. If your business relies on accessing the internet or if you host a website or server, you need your connection to always be available. Octagon help to ensure that your site is always online and helps protect your reputation. Fix problems quickly and minimise the impact on your business.

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