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Panasonic Business Telephone Systems

panasonic-logoPanasonic are the UK market leader in supplying telephone systems into the SME market sector, with a 30% market share, more than any other single manufacturer. With its ease of use and renowned reliability Panasonic is ideal for your business. Small to medium business cannot afford to waste time ensuring they can use the technology they have purchased. They need to be sure that the technology is available and ready to go when they need to communicate with their customers and suppliers.

Panasonic feels that businesses want to be able to utilise the latest technologies, but that these technologies need to be deliverable, cost effective and in a user friendly manner. Panasonic believes that whilst companies wish to embrace the latest technology, they only wish to do this if this can deliver tangible benefits to that enterprise.

Panasonic Telephone Systems support ISDN, Voice over I/P, networking and will also connect to analogue telephone lines. With a wide range of telephone handsets, operator console, cordless handsets and headsets we can supply the technology required to keep your business running and help your customers stay in touch with you.




In the current era Business Communications Servers should provide solutions to real world Business requirements, such as simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs and improving productivity, while flexibly adapting to the way the organisation works.

panasonic kx ns series

The NS-Series Network Communications Servers by Panasonic are designed to deliver these solutions, integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing you to tailor a communications system to your specific needs.

The NS-Series are built on SIP and IP technologies, with powerful built-in Unified Collaboration and Communication components including desktop tools, voice messaging and an interactive voice response system which, partnering with a comprehensive range of terminals, accessories and applications software ensures that systems can adapt to meet all the communication requirements of your business to support revenue growth.

With best in class, high definition voice quality and on-demand capacity enhancements, the NS-Series are the core of a powerful VoIP communications solutions offering fledibility, simplicity and productivity.

panasonic handsets


The NS-Series give you a full suite of network telephony and communications features, with built-in advanced applications and an excellent and extensive choice of fixed and wireless terminals, headsets and softphones. System capabilities can be easily enhanced and expanded with software applications and licences, allowing it to meet the needs of single-site and multi-site organisations.


  • Improve Customer Responsiveness

    Integrated applications for call grouping and routing, ensuring the right person takes every call

    Enhance productivity

    ‘Presence’ – Know who is available, and how best to contact them at any time


    Wireless DECT systems and mobile phone integration means you can stay in touch, even when you’re on the move

    Desktop integration & application support

    A powerful Computer Telephony Interface allows the NS-Series to work with many customer relations tools, maximising access to hard-earned customer contact data.


    Direct support for up to 1.000 users in a full transparent network and for integrated Q-SIG Networks for up to 8.000 users.


    SIP and IP are the basis for modern business efficiency and growth. The NS-Series fully supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), an open signalling protocol for establishing real-time communication sessions. Using SIP effectively can result in compelling advantages such as improving user efficiency, lowering communication costs and increased flexibility. SIP based solutions are rapidly gaining in popularity among large businesses; now, the NS-Series brings all the advantages of SIP to small and medium sized enterprises.

    A SIP communication session can involve voice, video, web, or instant messaging, and can take place on many different communication devices, such as laptop computers, IP phones, PDAs and mobile phones. The NS-Series help businesses to leverage the advantages of SIP by enabling communications between devices in a variety of formats, ensuring your message gets through.


    Connecting to the world using the SIP trunking interface, organisations and businesses now have the ability to connect their Unified Communication Systems to the growing list of SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to achieve low-cost VoIP calls over managed broadband IP networks. ISDN basic and primary rate interfaces are also available, through an optional interface card, which can be plugged directly into the system.


    The NS-Series’ powerful, built-in Unified Messaging and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system means you can really optimise the way you interact with your customers. Flexibly Programmable messaging and response system gives access to a full range of routing options and call groups. All required hardware is built-in, with licences to enhance capacity as required.

    A well configured IVR system can make sure that your customers are quickly directed to the right person or team, improving customer satisfaction through reduced queue times and call durations. Route calls according to operator skills, call subject or department, and keep customer service levels high. 3rd party contact centre applications can be utilized through the available CSTA or TAPI interfaces to enrich your reporting and business intelligence.


    Based on IP networking technologies, the NS-Series combines advanced telephony features with a scalable framework of applications that have been carefully chosen and optimised for a variety of business types, whether based on a single site or distributed globally. The NS-Series makes communications simple for office workers as well as mobile, remote and home based staff, in environments as diverse as call centres and distribution centres. Built on open technologies, the NS-Series is developer friendly, offering CSTA, TAPI, and multiplexing interfaces, with SIP communications, producing an open development environment which encourages 3rd party applications development to further enhance capabilities. This ultimately minimizes the additional investment of new software applications. In most cases your available application can be integrated with the NS-Series.


    The NS-Series are a fully network aware server, with a variety of options for single and multi site expansion. Units can be combined to scale up to 1000 direct users with full transparency for both users and administrators. (up to 8,000 users across a QSIG network) With the NS-Series systems, customers can manage stand-alone and networked systems connected via an IP network from any location. The system supports both SIP and H.323 based inter-networking in addition to the traditional ISDN QSIG connectivity. For multi-site organisations, this brings the benefit of lower cost branch-to-branch communication, either by leveraging existing corporate IP Wide-Area-Networks (WANs), or using Managed VPN services from network service providers. Create virtual teams across multiple networked sites and share resources more efficiently, through key enhancements in features such as Call Distribution, Centralised messaging, Conferencing and Mobile Integration.


    The NS-Series gives users great flexibility for managing messaging services. Voice and fax messages can be received using the built in Unified Messaging system in a number of ways – as email attachments, through the NS-Series IMAP4 server, or using the Communication Assistant Outlook Toolbar. This means users can listen to voice messages using their phone or PC, for maximum flexibility.


    Computer meets telephone: the Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity suite is a highly intuitive Unified Communications and collaboration (UCC) software solution for MS Windows that brings together many features. Simple ‘point and click’ telephony, presence, availability, MS Outlook integration, visual Voice messaging, CRM database integration and much more are combined in a Single application – enhancing and simplifying communications for business Telephony users.


    • Easy to use Microsoft Windows GUI offering access to many PBX features
    • Team management and collaboration features
    • Integrated presence and availability, with MS Outlook calendar integration
    • IP camera integration
    • Drag and drop multi-party conferencing
    • Enhanced task specific versions optimised for specialist work types.

    The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity suite is available in four versions, each offering powerful features for desktop integration and telephone system management.

    CA Basic Express – The NS-Series includes CA Basic Express for all users, so right from the start users can dial, pick up calls, dial from the included MS Outlook toolbar and check presence status for up to 10 colleagues (through a single click) from their Windows Desktop. For more advanced features there are options to upgrade to three other, more fully featured versions.

    CA Pro – Offers an enhanced contacts list, call history, real time presence indication and access to Unified Messaging, all from the desktop. CA Pro also includes an Outlook toolbar, allowing call control from within MS Outlook, along with Exchange Calendar integration which updates presence settings automatically, even changing voicemail greetings according to Scheduler settings. CA includes support for extensive Customer Relations Managements database integration.

    CRM integration means caller information is displayed during inbound calls, while outbound calling is enhanced through the ability to dial from selected text using a keyboard hotkey, from the Windows clipboard, or by dragging and dropping text from a document (e.g. MS Word or Internet Explorer) onto the module’s tray icon.

    CA Operator Console – Powerful tools for telephone system operators, allowing fast, accurate ‘drag and drop’ call handling, with context sensitive menus and multi-site transparent control for up to 16 sites using “One Look”,.

    CA Supervisor – For extensive User configurable ACD reporting with filtering and formatting wizards, ICD group management, call recording and real time monitoring, CA Supervisor offers powerful tools for managing and optimising your communications network.

    CA can be configured with or without a server, depending on numbers of users and requirements. Using a CA server brings enhancements in maximum user numbers from 240 to over 1000, and allows missed call logs to be kept for users who are not logged in, ensuring complete audit trails.


    Business communications takes place through a variety of media – such as speech, messaging, email and text based chat. The NS-Series allows all these technologies to be managed as a single system, so you’ll know how best to reach a contact at any time, based on presence information that is constantly updated within the system. The result is that you bring together your main communication channels into a single integrated system, saving time and improving productivity.


    Partnering your NS1000 unit with applications from Panasonic Software Partners is the ideal way to tailor your communication system to meet your specific business needs, improving productivity by integrating your phone system with the business software systems you already use. Partner applications offer many ways to simplify business workflows – by accessing both desk phones and mobiles using a single number; sharing CRM database information with the phone system; controlling calls from your Microsoft Windows™ desktop and much more.

  • Panasonic provides various models of KX-NT series IP proprietary telephones and KX-UT series SIP phones to meet your needs.


    Panasonic KX-NT560

    • 4.4 inch Backlight LCD Display
    • 4 x 8 Self-Labelling, Flexible CO Buttons
    • 2 Ethernet Port (1000 Base-T)
    • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
    • Built-in Bluetooth for Headset
    • Eco Mode
    • Available in black and white

    panasonic KX NT560




    Consisting of executive terminals and a standard phone, the KX-NT550 Series IP telephones deliver exceptional professional performance. The series take you to a new dimension in audio experience, thanks to excellent HD quality audio on every phone due to the Enhanced Echo Cancellation and the Expanded Acoustic Chamber, combined with easy access to powerful supportive features and applications. The sleek, ultra-modern design, available in both black and white colour options, works well with any office decor.

    Additionally, the KX-NT550 series offer built-in Electronic Hook Switch (Plantronics compliant) port offering portability and comfort, allowing frequent users are able to move around freely, without being tied down by handsets.

    Packed with a host of features, the KX-NT550 Series couldn’t be simpler to use, with a gigabit LAN/PC port meeting the increasing requirements of office IP networks and a self labelling feature (KX-NT556/NT553 only) making initial setting and remote maintenance easier. The KX-NT556/NT553 telephones also support DSS connectivity for operator-type users.

    The NS-Series allows you to choose from a superb range of terminal devices, including SIP desk phones, NT500 series proprietary IP phones, IP softphone and headsets. Add integration for mobile phones) and you are sure to find the ideal solution for all types of user.

    The terminal range – from standard phones, SIP DECT units, executive terminals and touch-screen Smart Desk application phones – addresses all requirements for the user specific needs. Panasonic’s reputation for design, quality, reliability and care for the environment, ensures an exceptional user experience wherever the terminals are deployed.



    The Multi-Cell DECT System is an integrated wireless mobility solution designed specifically for use with the Panasonic NS-Series.

    This system provides automatic hand-over between installed cell stations – enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.


    panasonic mobile integrationMOBILE PHONE INTEGRATION

    Now, there is no need for customers to have multiple contact numbers for users who also use a mobile phone. The NS-Series includes all that is required to integrate mobile phones and mobile devices with your office communications network, allowing mobiles to be used just like office extensions – making and receiving calls, using PBX short dialling codes, and even managing ICD groups is possible from mobile devices.

    For improved ease of use, mobile client applications are available to configure and manage PBX features from the mobile, ensuring quick and simple setup.

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Octagons service is second to none, their systems always go in on time and on budget and they are easy to get hold of, whether we need to speak with an engineer, accounts or a director, they are there for us. We have worked with Octagon for some time now and we are extremely happy with the service and the products they have provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

WILL STANNERS, Bury Primary Care Trust