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SpliceCom Business Telephone Systems

Splicecom Telephone Systems

SpliceCom’s unique combination of system flexibility and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership make the system a very compelling investment.

SpliceCom is Britain’s leading designer, developer and manufacturer of Soft, Hard and Virtual telephone systems, for deployment in customer premise, cloud/hosted and hybrid applications. SpliceCom deliver Advanced Business Communication solutions delivering tangible benefits for every type of company, irrespective of their industry, size or geography.

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splicecom maximiserFor businesses of all sizes, Maximiser OS’s unique architecture enables a single business telephone system to be constructed no matter how your organisation is distributed; everyone in one building or spread across hundreds of offices, with homeworkers and a mobile workforce. The ability to install a SpliceCom PBX solution across geographically distributed sites allows your business to deliver a consistent, feature rich service to your customers, suppliers and employees, totally independent of their location. Small, simple, single-site or large, complex, multi-site network – its all just ONE single system.

Maximiser OS’s scalable, distributed architecture allows every SpliceCom system to be managed and administered from anywhere, via a single, platform independent, web-based management interface, regardless of the number of sites or whereabouts of employees dispersed around your business. There’s no requirement for expensive management apps or dedicated hardware, because all the system information is held in a single database that’s replicated across all Soft PBXs, Call Servers and Network Service Gateways. It’s this distributed database that provides inherent system resilience, with IP Phones, Phone Modules and Trunk Modules being able to fail-over to a secondary Soft PBX or Call Server in the event of the link to the primary failing.

Amongst the many benefits that SpliceCom systems bring to mid-sized and larger businesses are;

  • A future proofed design which will grow with your business needs – in terms of both capacity and sophistication
  • A wide choice of soft/virtual PBXs, to fit in with your existing IT policies, in addition to hard PBXs and gateways
  • On-premise, cloud/hosted and hybrid deployment options
  • Single, browser based management interface
  • Support for IP handsets, mobile phones and existing analogue phones
  • A range of mobility solutions that allows you to utilise existing smart phones, tablets, laptops and home telephones as fully featured extensions to your system
  • Vision: A Modular business management system combining historical reports with integrated call recording option and real-time wallboards/dashboards

A flexible fully integrated Voice Processing system offering;

  • Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • In-queue Announcements
  • Support for SIP and ISDN trunks
  • Integration with web based content and applications, alongside Microsoft Windows/Outlook and Apple Mac OS X.


  • SpliceCom PCS 572G Handset

    PCS 572G delivers efficiency improvements on a business wide basis. Senior executives will benefit from the easy access to regularly called numbers, especially given the ability to see the status of colleagues before dialling.

    Eighteen visible softkeys with the potential for un-limited page scrolling makes key information easily accessible.

    • 18 intuitive, multi-functional context sensitive keys, 10 fixed function keys
    • Large full colour, backlit, graphics display (240 x 320) with auto-dimming
    • Hands free operation
    • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
    • 802.3af Power over Ethernet
    • USB 2.0 port for Wi-Fi
    • Headset connection
    • Message waiting/Do Not Disturb “S” LED indicator, Wall mountable
    • PC partnering available through Navigate
    • (Microsoft Windows 7 & 8) or PCS 60 Mac OS
    • Hearing aid compatible

    splicecom pcs 572G business telephone




     splicecom pcs542 handset splicecom pcs542 handset

    SpliceCom PCS 542 Handset

    The entry-level PCS 542 is a cost-effective desktop IP phone, specifically designed to work with SpliceCom’s range of hard, soft and hybrid phone systems to address everyday business telephony needs.

    The PCS 542’s blend of feature convenience and ease-of-use make it the ideal choice for those who require an attractively priced, well-featured telephone

    • 4 context sensitive keys
    • 7 system keys
    • 10 feature keys
    • Monochrome, backlit display (64 x 128) with auto-dimming
    • Hands free operation
    • 2 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN Ports
    • 802.3af Power over Ethernet
    • Headset connection
    • Message Waiting/Do Not Disturb LED indicator
    • Wall mountable, Hearing aid compatible
    • PC partnering available through Navigate (Microsoft Windows 7 & 8) or PCS 60 (Mac OS X)



    SpliceCom PCS 582G Handset

    Offering the intuitive use and operation expected from today’s Smart Phones, the PCS 582G has been developed with today’s business requirements in mind.

    In addition to running telephony apps on the large, full colour, touch screen, graphics display, the built-in browser of the PCS 582G allows business critical information from your core IT applications to be “pushed” to the desktop in a controlled manner.

    • Gigabit IP system phone with a touch sensitive, full colour, wide screen display
    • Large, graphical, colour touch screen LCDinterface
    • Context Sensitive Display
    • 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
    • Hands free operation
    • 802.3af Power over Ethernet
    • 2 USB 2.0 ports for WiFi and external
    • Keyboard
    • Headset connection
    • Message Waiting/Do Not Disturb “S” LED indicator
    • Operator Console Mode available (requires Operator Console Licence)
    • Integral web browser
    • Wall mountable, Hearing aid compatible
    • PC partnering available through Navigate (Microsoft
    • Windows 7 & 8) or PCS 60 (Mac OS X)

    splicecom pcs 582 business telephone


    SpliceCom is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Silver Lining being an fully accredited SpliceCom Partner are able to invite you for a tour of the manufacturing facility to see SpliceCom hardware being manufactured from ‘bare boards’ to final assembly, follow this with a demonstration of the system and it’s applications guarantee a productive day away from the office.


    splicecom vision reportsVision Reports and Vision Record are unique embedded Business Management Suites designed by the same team who have delivered the SpliceCom Maximiser OS, providing an in-depth, company-wide view of how your business is performing, when you want it, how you want it and where you want it. 

    All reports and recordings can be accessed through a standard web browser from anywhere at any time and printed off if required. Key reports can be scheduled by time and date and delivered to individuals or groups by email and you can build your own reporting groups. In-built Toll Fraud Detection allows email alerts to be generated and/or trunk lines closed down automatically when abnormal call lengths/charges are detected.



    splicecom vision recordVision record is a sophisticated encrypted call recordings solution that can work as a mandatory and/or a manually activated solution as well as record all external and internal communication. Because both Vision Report and Record are fully integrated you can search, manage and play calls back using these same interfaces.

  • splicecom-mobilityWHY SPLICECOM MOBILITY

    SpliceCom’s iPCS application takes Office Mobility to the next logical stage, enabling Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured maximiser business phones – replacing the need for DECT or SIP/WiFi wireless phones.

    Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as SpliceCom’s PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be- at their desk or away from it. iPCS utilises WiFi or 4G/3G connectivity to provide direct integration with SpliceCom’s Maximiser OS based platforms.


    Vision Call Centre helps businesses to meet and beat the service level expectations of their customers, whilst at the same time, increasing employee productivity and reducing operational costs.

    Developed to deliver a single seamless solution with SpliceCom’s Maximiser OS based business telephony platforms, Vision Call Centre combines advanced call routing with state-of-the-art reporting and management to optimise every aspect of your inbound call centre operation.

    You might be thinking of a virtual call centre spread across multiple sites, looking to utilise home based agents, or simply a more effective way of sharing calls amongst a team. Whatever your requirements may be SpliceCom offer the solutions you need to manage and grow your business.

    splice com call centre


    Navigate IP Softphone and Phone Partner

    Navigate is the latest PC software development by SpliceCom, delivering powerful personal call management features via your Windows PC for users of SpliceCom’s broad range of PCS IP Phones, or existing 3rd party analogue telephones. Providing point and click access to both commonly used and advanced maximiser telephony features, Navigate provides a single intuitive interface to manage business communications for all employees across a business, irrespective of their role.

    Available as standard for every SpliceCom user, Navigate delivers ALL of the benefits associated with SpliceCom’s top of the range IP Phones. Calls can be dialed as normal from the IP or analogue phone’s keypad, or alternatively via your Windows PC, with the same choice being available for call handling (answer, hold, transfer, park, pick-up, conference, etc.) as well.

    splicecom navigate


    SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically designed to elevate business productivity and enhance the overall company image at the main point of customer contact by delivering an improved operator service. By utilising the standard PCS 60 application and expanding its capability through the addition of the Operators Console Licence, SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically developed to partner any PCS phone, or existing analogue phones.

    The PCS 60 Operators Console can be deployed in single screen or dual screen modes, runs under the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating system and can be alternatively used with a USB/Bluetooth, handset/headset as an IP Softphone application. The PCS 60 Operators Console can also be deployed with a touch-screen monitor to deliver direct operator control.

    splicecom operator console

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We found the advice and support form Octagon in selecting a new phone system helpful when we were sourcing our new system.

The Ridge Medical Centre moved into a brand new purpose built premise and required a new telephone system to handle the large amount of calls they receive each day to provide a service that their patients would be happy with.

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Octagon Communications helped our office move go smoothly. The team were excellent throughout the whole process, from recommending hardware, to installation and support. Thanks to Octagon, we didn’t miss a call.

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